This is a selection of some of the products Moonstone Pottery has to offer.

Puzzle Mug

Originally made in England, Germany and the US from the 15th to 19th C., the puzzle mug was made for wagering and has an inscription inviting the drinker to place a bet on drinking without spilling the contents:
"My Purse to Sixpence if you Will
That if you drink you some do Spill"
Variations from this original verse may occur.

Averages 7" to 8" Tall

Bellarmine Jug

Bellarmine jugs are found throughout Europe and were made of stoneware in Germany and England. They date from c.1530 to the 19th C. These jugs were known as "witches" bottles or Bartmann Jugs.

Small 7" Tall, 24 oz. Capacity
Large 9" Tall, 36 oz. Capacity

Laverstock Costrel

This Harvest bottle or costrel is based upon a popular 16th C. style found primarily from a kiln near Winchester, England.
Olive green glazed interior.

24 oz. Capacity

Large Costrel

Pilgrim Bottle from Medieval to 18th C.
Yellow glazed inside and out, with brown highlights on sun face motif.
Riveted leather strap is about 3 feet long.

24 oz. Capacity

Face Jug with leather strap

Thrown bottle with hand sculpted face.
Olive green glazed interior.
Riveted leather strap about 3 feet long.

24 oz. Capacity


Tankards were used in England from 14th to 18th C. They were of 2 shapes: Barrel and Beaker
Hand thrown stoneware averaging 22-24 oz.

Barrel shaped Tankard
Beaker shaped Tankard

Condiment Dish or Muffin Pan

Patterned after an example at the Victoria and Albert Museum, 17th C.

9" Diameter

Roman Lamp

Based on a 4th C. Roman design and sold as souvenirs throughout the Roman Empire, this lamp depicts a California scene. Burns any vegetable oil.

Lamp on absorbent clay plate (5" Diameter)

Casserole with Grape Leaf Design.

Modern stoneware with tight fitted lid. Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

Small: 1 1/2 qt.
Large: 2 1/2 qt.

Casserole with Oak Leaf Design or with Artichoke Design

Casserole with Oak leaf Design only comes in Red-brown with Olive green glaze combination. The Artichoke pattern is only available in Seafoam Green.

Small Casserole (1 1/2 qt)
Large Casserole

Fruit Colander with saucer

Stoneware fruit colander with separate saucer. It can also be used as a steamer for veggies or a couple of tamales.

Colander (8-9" diameter) with saucer


Hand thrown stoneware. Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

Short Mug capacity 15 oz.
Tall Mug capacity 22 oz.